Gentle Kick I BUNDLE

Gentle Kick I BUNDLE

Wanna get your caffeine kick, but in a gentler way? Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! 
We took our signature DECAF, HALF CAFF and MATCHA LATTE MIX and made them into a bundle. 

Perfect for any time you need a gentle kick and want to avoid the caffeine high you get from coffee. 

*You will receive the coffee as WHOLEBEAN, if you want us to grind the coffee for you, please add a note to your order.

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Also works lovely as: Turkish coffee (Ibrik), Moka pot, Aeropress, French Press, Filter, Cold Brew
Taste notes: Milk Chocolate, Dark Sugar, Nougat

Variety: Catuai, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 900m
Process: Natural
Quality score: 84
Medium roast

100% Naturally Decaffeinated Arabica Coffee

Net weight: 250g


Perfect for: Espresso
Also works lovely as: FIlter, Ibrik, French Press, Aeropress, Cold Brew
Tastes like: Caramel, Chocolate, Red apple, Grapefruit

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 900 - 1500m
Process: Natural + Washed
Quality score: 84
Medium roast

100% Arabica Coffee

Net weight: 250g

Net weight: 150g

Fazenda São José was founded in 1958 by Orostrato Olavo Silva Barbosa and is family-owned ever since. The Barbosa family is strongly committed to sustainability and high-quality standards. The coffee farm is located in the Guaxupé region, one of the most important regions for coffee production, also known as “Montanhas cafeeiras” (coffee mountains). The region offers perfect growing conditions thanks to the slightly tropical climate and the hilly landscape and this wonderful natural really shows the work that the Barbosa family puts into their coffees.

The coffee is decaffeinated using an all-natural CO2 decaffeination process. It's not magic. It's actually science. You can read how all this is done HERE.

Let's face it ... caffeine can be a bi***. Get too much of it in your system and you'll get the shakes. Not a problem for moderate coffee drinkers. But if you're hooked on coffee, you have a problem. This is why we created the Fifty-Fifty low caffeine blend.

How did we do it? It's simple. We blended two smooth coffees in a perfect half-half ratio: The Brazil Sao Jose natural decaf and the Colombia Supremo washed coffee from the famous Huila region.

The result is a super tasty coffee but with only half the caffeine. Which means you can drink 2x more of it. Good stuff!

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