LUCCA Espresso

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Epic espresso extraction made simple.

They say that epic espresso is hard to make. We disagree. LUCCA Espresso is designed to bring out the espressista in you! With three presets for light, medium and dark roasts and the choice to perfectly dial in your shot with PID temperature, PID pressure and flow control.
And for those who get a kick out of flat whites and lattes - an automatic milk frother with auto volume and temperature detection.

Ready to pull your best shots?

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LUCCA. Redefining home espresso.


Main features

- Premium stainless steel housing
- 58mm heated grouphead
- Touch interface with temperature and pressure display.
- Automatic preinfusion with 3 preset profiles for light, medium, or dark roasted coffees
- Automatic movable frother with automatic volume and temperature detection
- PID temperature control, PID pressure control, Flow control
- 5 second startup time with an innovative Flow through heater

Control everything. Or let it do its magic ...

- Temperature probe above the basket for precise coffee puck temperature reading
- 3 temperature probes for better temperature accuracy.
- PID temperature control with +/- 1°C accuracy.
- PID pressure control with +/- 0,2 bar accuracy.
- Flow control accuracy +/- 0,2mL/s.
- Automatic preinfusion end detection.
- Pressure and flow control.
- 3 preset profiles for medium and darker roasts of coffee with automatic stop at the certain volume.

Available in classic black or chrome to match every setting!

“Espresso has always been a "magical" potion for us and we approach it with laboratory precision. Perfect extraction and full control over your shot in unisome with a classic-to-modern design.”


Head of GOAT STORY product design

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