Nicaragua Los Placeres

There's always that one coffee that just hits the spot anytime, anywhere. With this rich Nicaraguan natural you're well served in the morning as a flat white, a smooth gentle filter for your coffee break and a shot of espresso after lunch. All that while it's cold brewing in your fridge ... Nice job by Finca Los Placeres that is one of the oldest farms owned by the legendary Mierisch family.

This coffee is roasted light to medium but developed a bit longer - excels as espresso but is perfect for all brewing methods.

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Perfect for: Espresso
Also works lovely as: Pour over (filter), French Press, Aeropress, Cold Brew
Taste notes: Orange, Plum, Tangerine, Silky Smooth!

Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 840m - 970m
Process: Natural
Quality score: 85.75
Medium roast

100% Arabica Coffee

Net weight: 250g/500g

Los Placeres is the oldest farm under the Fincas Mierisch umbrella and it is their only farm that is Rainforest Alliance certified, and also our only farm that has cattle on it. With a total area of around 270 hectares, it is also their largest farm. 28 hectares are protected areas where no deforestation or hunting are allowed in order to protect the local flora and fauna. Thge owners of the farm have made a commitment to planting additional trees each year, which will aid the coffee plants with shade and wind reduction, in addition to attracting more wildlife to the area.

Los Placeres is also ground zero for a new planting technique. The trees are planted closer together, but increasing the distance between each row, in order to increase the amount of plants in a single hectare. That also enables more airflow and sunlight, which results in more sugar concentration and more uniformity in the ripening process.

The farm also uses natural soil enhacement techniques by planting “brachiaria,” a local plant. All of this leads to more efficient and effective harvesting.

An important aspect is also that they do not add any sort of chemicals to any plants that are within 5 meters (around 16 feet) from any source of water. Any water they use during the wet mill processing is recycled in one of their biodigesters in order to make sure that it is not contaminated.

Los Placeres is also home to the largest nursery for all the Fincas Mierisch farms and also their grafting instalations. Grafting is the process of splicing an Arabica variety (top part) to the roots of a Robusta variety. The reason for this is that Robusta’s root system is more ... well ... robust. Since they have longer roots they can more nutrients, and more effectively, than a Arabica. Therefore, the farm gains the benefit of the grafted Arabica tree being sturdier, more resistant to diseases (not completely however), and it does not affect the cup profile of the Arabica. They have been grafting on their own for over 9 years now, and it has become a cornerstone of their operations. All the new lots/plants since that time have Robusta roots. The farm also grows a few Robusta trees but just for seed/root stock.

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