News 14 Jun 2023

Athens World of Coffee - how to get the most of it

14 Jun 2023

Athens World of Coffee - how to get the most of it

A year's gone by and it's again time for World of Coffee. This year, Europe's largest Speciality Coffee trade Show will be set in Athens from June 22nd until June 24th. 

If you love coffee you probably already know about what's going on here. But since we want you to get the most out of this show, we prepared a couple of ground rules. If you find the strength to read until the very bottom of this post, you will also find out what we are showcasing and who you can expect to see on the booth. 

Can't make it to the show? Well maybe we also have something for you! 🤫


Buy your tickets in advance

People love coffee festivals and there are just so many visitors that a venue can take. So take our advice and book your tickets in advance. It only takes a few clicks but it surely is reassuring knowing you’re all set with the ticket in your pocket.

You can book your WOC ticket HERE


Upgrade your knowledge

Every coffee festival is also a meeting place for people who professionally work in specialty coffee. Expect to see and meet world class baristas, brewers cup champions, roasters, engineers who developed all these shiny coffee gear and many more. And yes, they are all cool people who will love to chat with you about coffee.

Here you can find all the WORKSHOPS going on in time of the show.

And here is a list of LECTURERS.


Set your festival goals

Do you want to see the gear and find out how it's made?
Do you want to get as much knowledge on coffee as possible?
Or maybe you just want to see what The World of Coffee has to offer...

No worries, you can do all of those things. However in order to get the most out of the show, we recommend that you set your goals so you know exactly where to look. 


Dress smart

Temperatures are already high in Athens, and the weather forecast shows temperatures of 35 degrees celsius. However, showers are expected so make sure to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. Even though.. in that heat, showers are more than welcome ;) 


Go black

World of Coffee is not your typical coffee-gulping fest. It’s a festival of fine coffees that each have a character and distinctive taste notes. So why kill the flavor with milk and/or sugar? Go black and sample the coffees as they are offered to you by the exhibitors. You’ll get the most of the variety that a coffee festival of this kind has to offer.


How much coffee should I drink?

We're sure this is something you really wanna know... :D

You know the feeling – enter the festival and there are cups and cups of coffee around. Of course you want to taste them all! But after your tenth cup, you may start feeling a bit twitchy and nervous … Luckily there are ways to avoid this.

First of all, you don’t really have to drink the whole cup every time. Learn to enjoy the taste of coffee, not the quantity.

Second, bring along your water bottle and stay hydrated. Or even better, come by the GOAT STORY booth and get yourself the GOAT TORY Omni bottle, a double wall insulated bottle developed with the coffee lover in mind. 

Oh, and a snack in between your coffee touring will be good for you as well.

And if you really get the caffeine shock, get out of the festival and go for a 5km run through Athens. That should calm you down! 💪

Bottom line – moderation is the name of the game. Taste, don’t gulp. And rather pick 5 favorites instead of settling for 50 average coffees.


Okay, now let's look at the GOAT STORY booth. 

Booth number: 2-E50 

Coffee selection: You know we take coffee seriously. Our head roaster Dušan therefore hand picked the coffees that will be showcased on our booth. Expect to find:

  • Our very own barrel aged coffees (something you really need to try, if you haven't yet ;)
  • Rwanda Gasharu Intego I Anaerobic
  • Wonderland (our most sought after house coffee blend) 
  • MATCHA (well this is a surprise, ain't it?)


  • GINA
  • ARCO
  • OTTO

What you'll be able to try?

You'll be able to try everything, espresso, cold brew, pour over, cold drip, matcha, Turkish coffee... Stuff will be happening, alright :D


We are humbled and so happy to announce that this year 3 guest brewers are joining us on our booth. 

  • Serafim Zoukas (GINA) - World Brewers 22 Greek representative and 3rd place on Hellenic Brewers Cup 22. 
  • Dimitris Baigkousis (OTTO) - 3rd place on World Ibrik Championship 22.

So, make sure to drop by, taste our coffee, try out our gear and talk to the team. 

Can't make it to WOC this year? 🤫 We may or may not bring WOC to you, make sure to check your inboxes and our website on the 22nd of June. 

See y'all next week! :)