News 24 May 2022

GINA x Smart Espresso profiler

24 May 2022

GINA x Smart Espresso profiler

If you're an espresso lover you surely have heard of Smart Espresso Profiler - an easy to use tool to record and improve your espresso extractions. 

It gives all compatible espresso machines capabilities, which were only seen in the most advanced, state of the art devices. It enables perfectly repeatable pressure and flow profiling with a modified vintage lever machine, or a modern pump machine, with instant feedback.

Now a while ago we were talking with Naked Portafilter, the team behind Smart Espresso Profiler and came up with a crazy idea ... Let's use the app for filter brewing!!!

Luckily enough we have GINA ... a manual filter brewer with an integrated Bluetooth scale. Now, after some time has passed and we dialed in the integration, we're happy to announce that you can now use Smart Espresso Profiler to track the flow of water with your GINA.

Oh - and you will also find the first GOAT STORY profile in the app, created to extract the juicy sweet flavor of a washed  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

So what's the catch?

We've been getting quite some requests for a GINA flow profiler and this seemed like a logical choice. See how you can fine tune and repeat your water pouring with GINA in the video below:

Download the app here:



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