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Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Enjoy the sip. | Interview

01 Dec 2017
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Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Enjoy the sip. | Interview

It’s pure pleasure that we find in every single cup, every single time. The cup of coffee is the pinnacle of all the work that has been done by the farmers, roasters and baristas. It is where all the magic of coffee is gathered and with the intoxicating aroma waiting for that virgin sip. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Enjoy the sip. Ahhhhhh … Here's to the FLAVOR of coffee!

Dawid Ryski perfectly captured the moment before taking that first sip … smelling the brew makes your face and body shine and then you dive into the flavor. 

Dawid Ryski for the Coffee Art calendar - The Flavor

Dawid Ryski is a Polish illustrator, graphic designer, and musician that is also known as Talkseek or Risky. His main work consists of designing posters album covers for music bands that include Franz Ferdinand, Zola Jesus, Gossip, and the Afghan Whigs. He also creates illustrations for the press, so we can find his works in Polish magazines such as Duży Format, Przekrój, Wprost, and Charaktery. Some of his clients include the Łódź Design Festival, Watch Docs Festival (Warsaw), and Goethe Institut. He is also the drummer of a punk band The Black Tapes and is one half of the Pinata Unique drawing collective, which he forms together with his wife Anula. 
His first attempts at drawing go back to kindergarten, where he drew fire engines, in primary school his focus shifted to drawing music bands’ logos in his notebook, and in high school, his focus shifted to skateboard deck designs and this passion still holds. Later he got a professional background as a landscape architect.

Where do you live and work?
I live and work in a small city in Poland called Puławy.

When in your life did you decide to follow your path as an artist?
Everything began in kindergarten, where I wanted to draw cars like my friend from the older group. Of course, there was one difference between us, as I started drawing fire trucks instead of race cars like him. Coming from a family with a big firefighter tradition that was probably something that comes naturally… Later in school, I spent lots of my free time re-drawing heavy metal bands' logotypes in my notebook, I guess I thought I was making my own music encyclopedia.

What is your artistic background?
After high school, I went on to study landscape architecture. My first orders for the artwork came from my friends and their bands, I drew posters, cover art, and flyers for them. My first commercial work was for a Polish daily newspaper.

How would you describe your style?
It's difficult to describe it myself … my friend described my style as a mixture of street art, skateboarding graphics, and old books for children. Could he be right?

Dawid Ryski talkseek and his art
What does your daily routine look like?
It's nothing special … I go to kindergarten with my older son, then I come back home and work, as I need to answer e-mails and get poster orders from my store shipped out. Then It’s kindergarten time again and after that more work, this time creating drafts and final illustrations. Then it’s practice with my band, an episode of a favorite TV series and then sweet dreams …

How do you create your art?
My adventure with computers began rather late. Probably it was in 2006? Before it, I was focused mainly on handmade drawing ( punk covers or flyers don't need colors ;) Everything changed when I got the first order for press illustration.
I started to discover graphic programs. I noticed really quickly that it is big facilitation. My creative process has changed since that time.
Right now I am beginning with a pencil sketch on paper. Once the draft is finished I scan the design into Photoshop, where I add colors and all effects. Lately, I have become even more modern and I started using a tablet for drawing.

Where do you find inspiration?
Probably everywhere! If I need to make a more detailed list, it’d be my kids, 90's alternative music, old Polish posters and books, 70's matchbox from Eastern Europe, and skateboarding.

What was your first reaction when you were invited to contribute to the Coffee Art Calendar?
I was really excited! I know that everyone replied the same but it's true :)

How would you describe your relationship with coffee?
It's funny but I only had coffee maybe 5 times in my life. I'm addicted to Coca Cola.

Is there anything else you would like to share with people who will read this interview? 
Less talk, more rock :)




The COFFEE ART CALENDAR 2018 is an ode to coffee that is told through graphic art. From January to December it unfolds the story of coffee from bean to cup, while sourcing inspiration from the mythology of coffee, its fair trade production, exploring its social aspects, and the amazing effect that the aromatic drink has on us.

Each month is represented by a theme that is closely connected to coffee, starting with the berry and ending with evolution while the story is told by 12 aspiring graphic artists that each contributed a unique view on coffee. The variety of styles and interpretations created a visually rich selection of artwork that will perfectly blend on every background, be it in your kitchen, living room, or coffee shop.
Each artwork was created exclusively for the calendar by the contributing artists. By purchasing the COFFEE ART CALENDAR 2018 you are supporting these 12 aspiring artists and sharing your passion for art and coffee.