News 27 May 2021

Cold Brew Tonic Splash

27 May 2021

Cold Brew Tonic Splash

This is a classic!!! We never understood why, but coffee and tonic have a wonderful flavor relationship.

Remember espresso tonic, a favorite summer drink of last summer? We’re switching the espresso with cold brew. Smooth and refreshing – the perfect mocktail for your hot summer days!

What you need:

Cold Brew concentrate (1:6 coffee to water ratio)
Tonic water
Slice of lemon

How to prepare:
As with every cold brew recipe - you’ll need ice! Put a bunch of ice in your tumbler. Pour 1/2 tonic and top up slowly with tonic water. Watch the almost art-like infusion of cold brew into the tonic. Add a slice of lemon (you can even squeeze a bit of lemon for an extra lemon kick) and enjoy your day!