News 29 May 2018

Cold drip coffee recipe

29 May 2018

Cold drip coffee recipe

There's (almost) nothing better than a nicely brewed Cold Drip Coffee on a hot summer day. Trust us. It will give you a boost, it will cool you down ... and it tastes fantastic!!!

Want to try it? Well, we just happened to brew a neat video recipe for you, using exquisite specialty coffee beans.

Check it out and try it yourself with your GINA coffee maker. 



COLD DRIP recipe with GINA:


- GINA + cold drip module
- Coffee (Ratio 1:8)
- Crushed ice cubes
- Cold water


  1. Add ground coffee in the cold drip module
  2. Pre-soak grounds with cold water
  3. Fill the cone with ice + cold water
  4. Tune the valve to set drop speed
  5. Let it drip … the taste is worth the wait!