News 18 Jan 2019

Emi Fukahori's winning recipe

18 Jan 2019
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Emi Fukahori's winning recipe

OK, let's get one thing straight ... Emi Fukahori won her Brewers Cup world title using an experimental coffee called Laurina that is quite hard to get hands-on. But why not try to use another coffee you love and get inspiration from a completely new and unique brew method that is possible with GINA's precision valve.

Here's the winning recipe. Use it at your own risk 💪


Dose: 17 g coffee
Total brew water: 220 g at 100 ppm
Brewer: GINA by Goat Story

  • 1. GINA valve is closed. Pour 50g of water at 80℃, keep the valve closed for 45 sec. This gently extracts the sweetness.
  • 2. GINA valve is open. Pour 100g of water at 95℃, pour water in the centre until 1:45 min. By changing the brew temperature, we are extracting complex acidities.
  • 3. GINA valve is closed. Pour 70g of water at 80℃ until 2:30 min. This achieves a juicy body in your brew.
  • 4. GINA valve is open. Let the brew run into the decanter until 2:55 min. This process ensures a clean finish.

    Winning recipe from World Champion barista Emi with GINA smart coffee instrument 

    This method produced a coffee with a stand-out aroma of red grape and orange blossom. The brew had significant notes of pineapple, red grapes—which repeated itself throughout all temperatures and in the aftertaste, rum and green apples. Although Emi said that the intensity of the acidity was medium, she also described her coffee to have three different types of acidities depending on the temperature at which you drink it.

    The developing acidities—citric acidity of pineapple when hot, tartaric acidity of wine when cooling down, and malic acidity of green apples when cold—were the most intriguing character about Laurina. Finally, this coffee has a medium body and a mouthfeel that goes from juicy to smooth and round.