News 26 May 2021

Fizzy cold brew

26 May 2021

Fizzy cold brew

Cold brew is a fun drink on its own. But summer time calls for some ooooh and aaaah and a bit of fizz! Make it a fizzy cold brew and sip on it by the pool!

What you need:
Cold Brew concentrate (1:6 coffee to water ratio)
Mineral water
Sliced lemon

How to prepare:
You'll need to prepare cold brew coffee in advance. We like to make it with the COLD BREW Kit  but you can use any cold brew coffee maker or simply make it in a mason jar.
As always – start with ice. A lot of ice!
Cut your lemon into pieces and add it over ice.
Add ½ mineral water and top up with cold brew.
If you’re a fan of sweeter drinks, add a dash of simple syrup or sugar.

Let the summer fun begin!