News 02 Feb 2018

Get the coffee talk going!

02 Feb 2018
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Get the coffee talk going!

We are on a mission.

To connect an amazing community of coffee lovers - from farmer to roaster, to the coffee shop and you, the coffee lover who enjoys and deserves the perfect cup.

We would like to invite YOU to contribute to this mission. Help us build a community of coffee lovers that love to discuss all things coffee. We would love to hear your caffeinated opinion. About brewing coffee. About coffee in general. About GINA. With your precious feedback, we will make this sexy brewer even better.

To get the conversation started, we created the GINA Brewers Club. A small group of varied coffee lovers, from professional baristas and skilled roasters to beginners in the world of coffee. We invited you first. Because we want it to be a meeting place for coffee lovers that is exclusive and fun.

GINA Brewers Club is THE place to share your experience with GINA, revealing your little tips’n’tricks or asking a question about GINA or coffee brewing in general. This is a place for discussion about “all things coffee”.