News 29 Jan 2018

How to brew immersion coffee?

29 Jan 2018

How to brew immersion coffee?

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We all know the feeling of coming home tired after a loooong day. When all you want to do is to slip in comfortable clothes, grab sweets and merge with the couch for the rest of the evening. Here’s an idea: instead of emptying your candy stash, you can treat yourself with some delicious coffee you brew with IMMERSION.



What exactly is immersion? Good question. It’s basically soaking the ground coffee in hot water to get the richest taste. With GINA you can manage this with her specially developed VALVE. You close it and soak coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel, then open it and release the beverage. Simple as that ... and we even made a video to help you out with this:  


💡 The best part of IMMERSION? Immersed in hot water, coffee grounds turn into an amazingly rich coffee. Its sweet flavor is like a healthier chocolate alternative ... and who could resist that? ;)

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