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How to make cold drip coffee? (with GINA)

07 Apr 2021
#Cold drip

How to make cold drip coffee? (with GINA)

Want to show your friends what "chill out" really means? Impress them by preparing a slightly different caffeinated potion: cold drip!




Cold drip is a coffee brewing technique using cold water to slowly drip through freshly ground coffee. Yes, it’s COLD water. And the brewing process can take from 1-24 hours, depending on your flavor preferences and how long you and your friends can survive without coffee ;)

Here's how it's done ...



Why should it be worth the wait? 

Cold extraction retains the unique flavors of each coffee bean and eliminates most of the bitter oils. So you are left with the most delicious coffee taste … and truly impressed friends. 

GOLDEN IDEA: Serve your cold drip with some ice cubes and spice it a bit by adding a mint leaf + orange slice + a bit of cinnamon. Yum!