News 15 Jun 2021

Iced coffee Japanese style

15 Jun 2021

Iced coffee Japanese style

Recipe by: Dušan Matičič, head roaster at GOAT STORY
This has to be one of my favorite summer refreshments ... it's full of flavor and super easy and quick to make.
This iced coffee is actually a pour over coffee but brewed over ice. That way the coffee instantly chills when it hits the ice and enhances the flavors.
I brew all of my pour overs with GINA (a super nice coffee brewer) because it allows me to fine-tune my brewing with the precision valve (and I don't need an extra scale). You can check it out HERE.

Brew tip: brew your coffee stronger (I recommend a 1:10 ratio) as the coffee will dillute a bit when it melts the ice.

Which coffee? Kenya Kiaga works perfectly for this type of coffee with its clean fruity goodness. Yum! And if you're into fuller funky fruity flavors, the Rwanda Gasharu Impano is your top choice.

And because we're celebrating Summer - here's 15% off coffee when you buy 2 bags or more. Coupon code: SUMMERTIME