News 24 May 2021

Cold brew meets grapefruit

24 May 2021

Cold brew meets grapefruit

Kick-start your week with this cold brew mocktail!

Grapefruit juice is the #1 morning pick-me-up drink. It’s fresh, full of flavor, with citrusy acidity and that grapefruit bitter kick that rounds off this sweet juice.

Now let’s give it a little twist and add even more flavor to this morning delight! Round up the grapefruit juice with freshly brewed cold brew (it's super simple to prepare with the COLD BREW KIT)

Here's what you need:

  • Cold Brew concentrate (1:6 coffee to water ratio)

  • Grapefruit juice

  • Mineral water
Simple syrup or sugar

How to prepare:

First thing first – you’ll need ice! Put a bunch of ice in your tumbler.

Add 1/3 cold brew coffee and top up almost to the top with grapefruit juice. If you’re a fan of sweeter drinks, add a bit of simple syrup or sugar.

Finish with a splash of mineral water for a bit of fizz, garnish with a slice of 
grapefruit and …good morning!