News 18 Jan 2018


18 Jan 2018


Visiting coffee festivals is one of the highlights for us every year and even if we are not present as an exhibitor on all of them, we sure do like to visit as many as possible. Well, the Vienna Coffee Festival was just around the corner, so we jumped in our car and - Vienna, here we come!

We love the Vienna Coffee Festival, as it’s close (a few hours' drives from our offices) and because the venue is just spectacular! An old brewery that doubles as an event venue … very industrial, very urban, very appropriate for a Coffee Festival!

Vienna coffee festival

We came just in time, as our friend Matej Šerer was one of the baristas that were competing in the Austrian barista championships. Oh, and he was preparing his signature drink with GINA using the cold drip option … (you must have known there’s a catch, right?)

Vienna coffee festival barista championships with GINA

One of the reasons we visited the Vienna Coffee Festival was also a visit to our friends from Alpha Coffee, who have been waiting to get their GINA as well, so we decided to deliver it ourselves. Of course, Daniel immediately popped open the box and started grinding and brewing with his awesome Slopes of 8 AA - Kenya roast. Check his first brew below ...

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This was just an intro to coffee events in 2018 and we're sure looking forward to other coffee festivals this year!