BOLD Coffee Subscription (espresso lovers)

A selection of two specialty coffees for those who love a bolder cup – perfect for espresso but suitable for most brewing methods.

Get 2×250g of freshly roasted specialty coffee!

Get freshly roasted coffee delivered monthly at your doorstep. 

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Get the perfect selection of specialty coffees delivered to your door. With the GOAT STORY Coffee Subscription you simply choose how often you want the coffee to be delivered to your doorstep and we'll take care of everything else. We roast do order – that means that we roast, pack, and ship the coffee as soon as possible after roasting. We let you decide when you like it best.

The GOAT STORY Bold Subscription package is perfect for those who love a cup of coffee with more punch. Every two weeks we select two bags of coffee that will please coffee lovers whose preferred brewing method is espresso, moka pot, french press or ibrik. But thanks to our omni-roasting philosophy, most of these coffees will also please those who love to brew a lovely cup of filter coffee.

Can I pause my subscription?
Yep, you can take a break from your subscription anytime and restart it whenever you’re ready. Simply, go to your account and choose whatever you want to do (cancel/pause). Keep in mind that if you want to restart your subscription later, it is better to pause it than to cancel it. This way, your discounts will still be available when you return.

Can I set how frequently I want to receive my coffee?
You can choose to receive coffee whether every 2 weeks or every month. And if you find that you need more coffee, you can always edit your subscription later.

Can I change the delivery address for my subscription?
Absolutely. You can change where you want your coffee to be sent. The shipping costs will be calculated accordingly.

Can I change the quantity of delivered coffee for my subscription?
Who doesn’t want more good coffee, right? You can change the quantity of coffee of your subscription in your account, under “Manage upcoming orders”.

Can I change which coffee I want to receive next?
Want to explore new flavors and try a different coffee for your next delivery? Just click on “Products” in your subscription account and select the coffee you want. Keep in mind to make the change a few days before delivery so we can be sure that we are sending you the coffee of your choice.

Where can I edit my subscription?
If you want to change your coffee subscription, simply login into your account here.

How can I get in touch with customer support?
If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact be subject to import fees and taxes that are due on arrival and are not covered by the shipping costs charged in our web store. If you need any detailed information about these charges, please contact your local customs office.